Embracing our Eldering:  Our 2020 Spring Workshop Series for people approaching mid-life and beyond

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Embracing our Eldering


  • To reclaim parts of our younger selves,
  • To pause in a place of acceptance
  •  and prepare for the flow of wisdom in our elder years.

Friday Evenings 5:30-9:00  and Saturdays. 9:00-5:00.

March 20, March 21st.   Joy and Delight of our Inner Child

April 24, April 25th.   Appreciating our Present Moment

June 5, June 6th.  Embracing our Elder Years

March 20, 21:  Joy and Delight of our Inner child


  • Remembering who we are – the unique nature and gifts we bring to the world.
  • Reclaiming parts of ourselves - to look at our lives with a sense of awe, wonder and curiosity
  • Acknowledging and bringing love to what needs healing.

April 24, 25:   Appreciation of our present moment


  • Deepen into our appreciation of our physical bodies, gratitude for our experiences, integration of disparate parts of ourselves
  • Softening areas of resistance or self-judgment, expanding our capacity of self-compassion
  • Bringing our full life experiences to the awakening of wisdom for our elder years

 June 5, 6:  Embracing our Elder Years


  • Gathering up all the parts of ourselves to live with conscious loving presence and radiate it out to the world.
  • Embracing our eldering, grounding in our personal power, with mastery of our inherent gifts to meet life with playfulness, and curiosity